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Qigong Practice

Speaking about Qigong, Steve says:
"The Practice is a mindful session of circulating Qi (energy) throughout the body. When Qi comes into the muscles, bones, organs, and tissues - spent Qi is released for harmless elimination by the body. Qigong is an ancient practice of breathing techniques, exercises, self-applied massage and meditation.

Integrated Methods

Integrated Methods combines all of the elements of Qigong with selected Yoga postures, muscle toning with flexible bands, and five traditional Tai Chi movements. The result is a workout that invigorates the body, restores balance and harmony throughout."

The inner peace and relaxed attitude you feel after doing these proven exercises are so gratifying. What greater insurance can we ask for: It’s as simple as breathing and moving the body!

See our Class Schedule for details and registration.

Private sessions for individuals or groups are available.


Additional Offerings

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Integrated Methods combines selected Qigong exercies with Yoga postures, and muscle tone training....
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