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Reiki Healing

The meaning of the word Reiki is actually two words: Rei-Universal Consciousness and Ki-Life Force Energy. It is in and around everything which flows throughout all creation as a living expression of itself automatically maintaining body balance- homeostasis.
When the flow of this life force energy is ebbing and flowing unhindered within the body, we experience full health, comfort and well being. When it is blocked or hindered by stress and our resistant reactions, but never released, the frozen energy then creates the imbalance that manifests as emotional, mental, or physical ill health. Reiki (Consciousness itself aligned with Life Force Energy) returns the body/mind to a state of deep integrative relaxation where balance and harmony can settle back in.

Reiki Masters Steve and Nancy Sloan were trained in the Usui Reiki method of healing at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs Florida where they both received advance certification as Yoga Instructors. Their years of study of the Amrit Yoga Lineage under the guidance of Shri Gurudev Amritji, along with their Reiki Training has brought them depth and dimension to their healings. From their ongoing study, they have acquired unique and valuable perspective to self healing concepts of conscious awareness, breath, body, energy, and universal love and compassion.

Nancy Sloan, an RN and Massage Therapist states: “When treating another in a Reiki session, the client is fully clothed, reclined on a massage table (or hospital bed). In this gentle and nurturing therapy, the practitioner sets the integrative intention to merge with Reiki. Through a hands on or hands off technique that begins at the client’s head and proceeds through a series of 15 or so hand positions covering all the body systems, the client becomes completely relaxed”. Nancy also states: “During the session, the deeply relaxed state that Reiki induces enables the client to drop beneath their self limiting ideas and conclusions and merge with their own innate healing energy- Ki. Merging with Ki relaxes the habitual holding patterns and provides the environment of frozen energy to “melt” creating integration of emotional, mental and physical levels of well being.”

Steve adds, “Integration is the key. Each Reiki treatment offers the client the deepening opportunity to merge with the innate healing wisdom that exists within each and every one of us”. Steve also states, “The applications for Reiki are unlimited: self healing, pre and post operative, headaches, body aches, emotional upsets, children, hospice care, our pets, you name it. We see that most of our clients who come for Reiki come to soothe the stress of daily life which ultimately is responsible for a lot of our illnesses”

Nancy and Steve Sloan provide Reiki Healing sessions in their Perrysburg Studio. They can be contacted by calling 419-345-345-3424 or email partingcloudsyoga@gmail.com

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